125 Jahre Allianz125 Jahre Allianz

In 2015 Allianz was celebrating its 125th anniversary. Explore fascinating moments of the company's history.



The birth of Allianz

On February 5, 1890, a new company was entered into the commercial register at the Berlin I local court: 'Allianz' Versicherungs-Aktien-Gesellschaft.


The San Francisco Earthquake

In November 1905, the Reich Supervisory Office for Insurance issued Allianz with a license to offer fire insurance in San Francisco. Six months later, San Francisco became the global symbol for nature's ferocity.


Allianz discovers women and lays foundation for diversity

Sadly enough, it was something so terrible as the First World War that opened Allianz’s doors for the female workforce.


Giddy up: Allianz and cars

Allianz started its business dealing with cars in 1918, founding Kraft-Versicherungs-AG as a joint venture with Munich Re and the Imperial Automobile Club.


From Berlin to Munich

Allianz's Board of Management met in December 1948 and voted with a considerable majority to relocate the company's administrative headquarters to Munich. This decision saw Allianz return to the site of its inception more than 50 years later.


IBM 650: the start of IT at Allianz

At Allianz, the era of electronic data processing began on January 20, 1956. An IBM 650, fresh off the plane from the USA, was presented at a press conference.


Work-Life-Balance at Allianz: “Saturday, Daddy belongs to me!”

After the war and the currency reforms, the face of Allianz as an employer gradually changed, adapting to the consequences of the German economic miracle of the 1950s. The company had to reorganize its workforce, and a satisfying work-life-balance became more and more important.


"Munich Hail" puts responsible claims management to the test

A severe hail and rainstorm with more than 200,000 demolished cars and 70,000 damaged buildings showed our customers that the trust they have in our responsible claims handling was well invested.


New markets

During the 1990s the Asian markets became increasingly important for Allianz. In 1995, Michael Diekmann was tasked with accelerating business expansion in Asia.


Allianz’s commitment to environmental protection

Allianz’s engagement to addressing climate change began in 1995 with the first official report on our CO2 footprint.


Sustainability becomes visible: we publish our first sustainability report

While we have been integrating sustainability into our business for the last 125 years, our efforts were officially named in 2000 when our Sustainability Office was founded. A year later, we published our very first sustainability report.


The Riester pension

As early as the 1990s it was becoming evident that demographic change in Germany would lead to radical societal changes, and that insurance companies would have to react to these.


Allianz Microinsurance protects low-income people

2.6 billion people live on an income between 1.25 and 4 US Dollars per day. Conventional insurance products are far out of reach leaving them vulnerable to risks like natural disasters, death, or illness. Our Microinsurance products offer protection against these risks with premiums starting as low as 1 US Dollar per year.


Allianz invests against climate change

Concerns about climate change and its implications have given rise to new, alternative asset classes. They have also influenced Allianz’s investments. In 2005, Allianz Capital Partners added renewable energy investments to their portfolio.


My Finance Coach teaches financial basics to school kids

In 2010, Allianz co- founded the My Finance Coach initiative which aims to raise awareness and enthusiasm about financial education among young students and to help them to develop an understanding for the economy.